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Requiem fades in as the sun goes down The scent of death is all around Decay that sinks underneath your skin No one’s born pure – now pay for your sins Observe as the Dusk falls again We know of your past Now pay the price Leave your fears behind, you are one with the pack Die with your weaknesses And rise again Learn to read the geometries of Flesh and Bone You are just a pup Learn and obey The hunger comes once the change is done Come forth, pup It is time for you to feed Requiem fades in as the sun goes down On trembling wings I try to fly Once dreadful stench, now this scent is mine I will feast upon sins’ red-bright shine Embrace the Dusk as it falls again I can’t stand the hunger The red mist is blinding me Free fall down, cross dimension pace The prey is close, I can feel its fear Come to me No wall shall stop you, no hide mislead Paralyzed, weak shells awaiting their fate Come to me Your triumph is sealed Devour the essence I am the Weresoul I am reborn!
The Beast 03:54
The unseen creeps in Slowly Boldly Steadily Deadly Unnerving itch Reality’s glitch Chill down the spine Don’t cross the line One step ahead The very core of dread Vile stench Teeth clenched Unseen appeared Transgressing even fear Yellow eyes Paralyze Mesmerize Dehumanize Abomination Offence towards Creation One last breath Towards death Your final walk Played out by the clock Tick-tock Tick-tock Tick-fucking-tock What was unseen is grisly real Feast For the Beast
Hexit 05:52
Time Swirling seconds, grains of Sand Within these walls the flesh is Bound The gathering hungry for Death A penny’s worth of man’s last Breath BURN THE WARLOCK CLEANSE THE SIN KILL THE WRETCHED DEVIL’S KIN They grow impatient with each grain of sand Dear sons and daughters of this holy land Know ye not the wise man’s words A quote on dear, late St. Jerome? HASTE IS OF THE DEVIL The logs are piled up One by one Last grains of sand It shall be done The door creak open I’m being dragged out Their welcome is So kind and warm Know , my brethren, that I hold no grudge For being sentenced with no trial nor judge And for blessing me with the death so swift Come forth - accept my final gift By winds of East and West combined By North and South of stars aligned Before the toll of morning bell Thy souls shall fade and burn in Hell
Come forth, my kin See what lies within In the House of Lowlifes A thousand of extended hands Help a man in need Or bathe in your greed In the House of Mirrors Each one shows a different truth Be it kindness or envy Your choice shall lead you through Succumb to your nature In the House of Feast Starve your way to exit Or leave as sated beast Haste, haste through these halls Haste, haste against all odds Yours is the day! Callooh! Callay! Abstention comes to pass In the House of Glass Submit it to the lust Or walk the virtuous path Approach the House of Red Let the anger guide your hand Claim for yourself the House of Gold Pray it won’t turn into mold Face with courage the House of Toil With wine or sweat you shall water the soil The Eight Houses of Might Shall determine whether your path was right Haste, haste through these halls Haste, haste against all odds Yours is the day! Callooh! Callay! The final House of the unknown name You realize that nothing shall ever be the same The roads have been taken, the choices have been made One last step towards Destiny Blinding light from the Final House of Might A figure pale with a golden scale The balance pans are free of lies Judgement Day Calloh! Callay!
Born to this world, so brutal a place Now see if you can keep up with its pace Though just an infant you’re given a sword From this very moment you are dog of war A meat on the front line of your life’s defense Don’t whimper you pussy, it gets even more dense With each passing second the air grows more cold Now face the horror, the horror untold Anxiety’s sudden strike Man up, snowflake! Your time has come! Disappointment from every side Fight with power, with all your might! Betrayal from the sky Stand your ground! Stand your ground! Brace yourself for the coming of age And hold nothing back You crave for a breather, for the wine so sweet That mends up your wounds which can’t cease to bleed For the kiss of the maiden who lives in your dreams Beware, it might freeze and bite off your lips For She is the Lady so vicious and cruel For He is the Man who has won every duel For It is the Reason that put sword in your hand For Death is your Lover, your Doom and your End Behold the truth, sad as it may be That being follows no real philosophy No virtues, no sins, no God’s master plans No proving each other who’s a better man The clash of blades which are not even real Yet real is the pain that you constantly feel The essence of life - the greatest of vains Dueling Death ‘Til nothing remains
Shell Trader 07:05
Chill runs in the air and the sun has fallen Five figures waiting in tense dread Questions they have, for answers they starve Promised from the one who’s not nearly there Sudden noise breaks the silence Everyone's eyes turn to face the door The Hostess arrived, pale in dim light Her lovely dress spills blood red on the floor Six figures sit by the oaken counter The heavy smell of musk fills up the room Timid looks on the board stir up excitement What they wish for will be theirs soon And so the wicked dance on planchette begins Guided by wet fingers the channel's open wide Shy at first, now getting up to run Revealing the message from the other side «Y.O.U.R. S.O.U.L.S. A.R.E. N.O.W. M.I.N.E.» Confused heads turn for explanation Yet they shiver in horror as they see Lady in Red is now abomination While their own eyes begin to bleed The plasma marks her ivory skin Her beautiful eyes are now white blind As she rips their souls her name becomes clear Shell Trader – the scourge of mankind The Wicked Deal has been sealed The demon’s free to roam the Earth Drawing its power from the five new hosts Five poor souls expelled beyond the veil Her chest is drawing the heaviest of breaths The plasma is gone and her eyes can see clear She bites her lips in most lustful of smiles O’ Lady in Red, how many are your kills?


Rituals (Sauron, Narrenwind, Yarn of the Wicked) and Wormwood (Eerie) join forces under the banner of Weresoul.
Thus a new universe is born, hosting endless evil-ridden tales - soaked in the essence of the Twilight Zone.
Weresoul's self-titled debut album presents 6 of them. Each of them
carrying its own piece of horror and darkness. Stories from the very
edge of nowhere, where demons and devils always get their last laugh!


released May 29, 2020


all rights reserved



Malignant Voices Poland

Independent Label & Distribution

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